Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach complete beginners?

Absolutely, I have taught loads of beginners over the years. I can help you understand all the basics of drumming, helping you develop into the drummer that you want to be.

How far will you travel?

I am happy to teach in a student’s home if they prefer to use their own kit. I will travel up to a 20-mile radius from York, however, home tuition may incur an additional charge for petrol and travelling time. I will confirm a price at the time of the enquiry.

What will I need to bring to lessons?

Please bring an A4 Folder for music exercises and notation. A new pair of drumsticks will be required for future lessons once the correct weight and style has been identified. You can view what is available at the shops by reading a special article about Drum Shops in York.

What age do you teach from?

I am able to offer lessons on either an acoustic or an electronic kit. Due to the size of this equipment, it is advisable that students are a minimum age of 8 years old. I am happy to provide tuition to younger students if they own a kit that is suitable for their age group. Remember you are never too old to learn, my recent students include a budding 72-year-old rock star.

Are you CRB tested?

As I am fully CRB checked, you can rest assured your child is learning in a safe and secure environment.

How much do you charge?

Studio tuition costs are £23.50 per hour. 30-minute lessons at a cost of £15.00 may be available by prior arrangement. Home tuition costs are available on request.

What is covered in the lesson?

Initially, I will assess you to establish your current level of understanding and ability. I will then agree on a drumming development plan with you. The lessons will incorporate all elements that are required to improve your skill sets as a competent and talented drummer. A list of the various disciplines covered is available on the Home Page.

What drum kit will I be learning on?

You will be learning on one of the industries top electronic drum kits, a Roland V Drums – TD12. Occasionally, lessons will also be given on a Mapex Pro acoustic kit.

What are the advantages of an electronic drum kit?

In a learning environment, the feel and response of the Roland V Drums – TD12 replicates an acoustic drum kit, with the added bonus of controlling noise levels. Built-in programs will develop the timing and technique of the individual. As it is less offensive in a home environment you can stay friendly with your local neighbour which is always a bonus. And remember it is also kinder to your own ears, which is an important factor, particularly for younger students.

What are the advantages of an acoustic kit?

Ultimately there is nothing quite like the connection between you and an acoustic drum kit. The natural wood and finish of the kits are quite simply breathtaking and the sound they create is just pure pleasure. Every kit has its own sound due to the different quality of woods and manufacture. Remember the sound levels on an acoustic kit are not easily controlled therefore it is extremely important to protect your ears to avoid long term damage.

What if I cancel my lesson?

Should you wish to cancel your drum lesson there will be no charge providing you give at least 24 hours notice. If you cancel a lesson with less than 24 hours warning, you will be expected to pay your normal tuition cost.

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