York Drum Lessons

York Drum Lessons

Together, we'll work towards your goals, whether they be to learn to play for a band, learn songs you like or to achieve Grade 8. I'm personally in love with funk, prog rock and a bit of metal drumming, but I open to all styles and genres so we'll learn focused around the type of music you want to be able to play. 

During our first lesson you will learn how to check that the drums align to the students sitting posture and then given simple stick grip methods. You will them be shown an introduction to a simple groove exercises on the snare drum and attaining simple exercises inline with the your individual ability.

My studio is set up with two drum kits to make teaching more fluid and comfortable, and I offer the chance for you to record your performances so that you can build up a portfolio, put them on YouTube, or just keep them for family.

All ages and abilities are welcome, so it doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner who has never touched a kit in their life, or a Grade 8 drummer looking to touch up on some advanced rudiments. 

To find out more about my drum lessons don't hesitate to email info@drumlessonsyork.co.uk or call 01904 922370.

Photography: Christian Bertrand

Beginners to Advanced

No matter what your level I have the lessons to help develop your drumming ability learning through the songs that you are passionate about playing. You'll learn what makes a song's beat really come alive! You won't just learn what drums to hit in what order, you'll learn how to make the song your own and really play the beat.

To find out more or to simply arrange your first lesson, get in touch by emailing info@drumlessonsyork.co.uk or calling 01904 922370.

Learn the drums!
I never really believed that I would ever consider myself a real drummer. However, after only 8 months of Craig's lessons I'm playing fills & beats that I still can't quite believe is me! Craig loves teaching the drums as much as he does playing, and as a student it is this enthusiasm that motivates me to practice and develop as a drummer! - Colin

All styles coveredRock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Blues...and many more