Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

As a drummer, there's nothing quite like being the driving force behind a band of your own. That's why we at Drum Lessons York love hearing our students enter the recording studio for the first time, putting their skills to the test in a real music industry scenario. Here are reviews of some of the best recording studios in York, explaining what they have to offer and what kind of service they provide. If you want any tips on playing the drums for studio recording, just ask in the lesson.

Melrose Yard Studios 

Located in the heart of the city at 9 Melrose's Yard, YO1 9XF, Melrose Yard Studios are great for professional musicians and amateurs alike. They have well-equipped and spacious rehearsal rooms open seven days a week 10 am to 10 pm with student deals and equipment hire - the perfect place for your band to practice. Alongside that, they have a good recording studio for a reasonable price with more student deals, making it the perfect place to record your first EP. Melrose Yard Studios also offer tuition in drums, guitar and vocals, adding to their diverse range of services. To run all of this, they employ a team of highly knowledgeable staff who are keen to provide you with the top-notch service you expect from Melrose. If you're looking for any of these services, Melrose Yard Studios will serve you extremely well at a reasonable price whether you're a touring professional or a band just trying to get their foot in the door.

Precentor Studios 

Precentor Studios have a chilled philosophy of 'record when you want, where you want'. From their experience running a label in London, they've decided to focus on a studio that's more flexible. They believe that the controlled, timed and pressured environment of a studio detracts from the creative process. As a result, they like to record where the artist feels most comfortable - their regular rehearsal space, or even they're own home. With the artist feeling more at home, they feel that the recording will be better and quicker than an ordinary trip into a clinical studio. All of their engineers are qualified up to BEng level at least, and the studio has top-of-the-range equipment, including a sound console as used in Abbey Studios. This means that you'll receive the best sound treatment possible, with no limitations on gear and staff who are extremely educated in both the technical and practical sides of music technology. The team includes high-profile session musicians such as an internationally acclaimed drummer and a hip hop producer signed to Def Jam UK. If you want a top-notch recording for your band, or want to take advantage of one of the many other services provided at Precentor Studios, check out their website - they have more than one base of operations.

The White Rooms 

The White Rooms provide a wide range of excellent services, aside from recording and audio engineering. They also offer drum tuition, multiple rehearsal rooms and also PA and equipment hire - all at an affordable price. They also have ties with Mor Music (reviewed on our Drum Shops in York page), which can give you some invaluable advice, connections and a very useful sharing of expertise. As well as that, The White Rooms are very supportive of the local music scene, providing DJs and promotion of local bands on their website. Recent clients of theirs include We Could Be Astronauts, Animals of the Carnival and Percy. The equipment they have makes it the perfect place to record your band's first songs and get some advice on your next moves from the awesome staff. Dan in particular, who runs The White Rooms, is incredibly passionate and loves helping out local talent. Go and book one of their services at Osbaldwick Link Road, YO10 3JA.

BH Media Recording Studios 

With years of experience, BH: MediaStudios will make sure you get a professional finish on whatever you want to record, whether that be your band's first demo, or a new single, EP or album. With ties to many of York's schools and music brands, they are also an integral part of the community. Previous clients for their recording services include Elliot Minor, Beyond All Reason and Asking Alexandria - some of the biggest names to come out of York. As well as that, they provide voiceover services for programmes like The One Show. Their studio is extremely well-equipped with everything you need, and the new engineer who took over in 2008 is highly knowledgeable and very experienced. BH: MediaStudios is the place to go if you want a very professional, top-notch recording, although they don't offer the breadth of services some of the other studios offer. Check them out at Wolsley Street, YO10 5BQ. 

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